Late night thoughts

Hi there,

It’s been a long time since I have posted anything.

Ended all my papers last week and I have survived Y3S1. Yayyy 🙂

Just when i thought it was time to enjoy hols, so many things and problems started rolling in and I haven’t really been able to rest well even though my exams have ended. It has been tiring to try to keep things going, and i find myself constantly thinking about those problems, finding it difficult to keep my mind free and empty.

Every time i think about the relationship problems i face IRL, it always reminds me of the things i learn in psychology class about humans and the things i learn in social work about how to build relationship. Everything suddenly seem so relevant to me and it is as though i find myself as the client that i always read on the vignettes. Seeing myself as the client, i then start asking my social work self, how would you deal with this if you were a social worker, then there i go, listing out a whole list of possible actions that i could take. As a social work student, i expect myself to at least know about problem solving  (esp when it comes to relationship) better than my friends/family who are not social work students.

However, looking at the list of possible actions that i could try, i find myself being very hesitant and ambivalent about taking those actions. even something as simple as saying sorry can be difficult. These things, i never realized until i myself got stuck in similar situation. Often, i find it easy to come up with actions  to problem solve, but sometimes, it is really difficult to execute it. While those action may seem seemingly easy, it can actually trigger a lot of ambivalence in the client and i am experiencing it now.

It is hard to proceed, but okay, one step at a time. Hopefully things gets better.