Seeking solace in myself

Yesterday was such a bad and stressful day I cried myself to sleep. I would say crying is actually really theraupeutic because I tend to reenact scenarios in my head and I become more aware of the reasons why I was crying.
Tears are good analysis of emotions and overtime you will find a pattern, realizing how you keep crying over the same things. 

One thing that upsets me the most is probably the feeling of inferiority and feeling leftout, so I probably have to work on getting myself out of such scenarios and adopting better coping methods when in face of such situations in future.

Also, I realized, one reason why I am constantly getting attached to others may be my way of seeking attention to myself. And it’s never healthy to build one’s sense of self-worth based on other’s approval or disapproval 😦

Lastly, while yesterday was a sad day, there’s still much to be thankful for. I’m really touched when my mum made me herbal tea because she knew i wasn’t feeling very well and im grateful to my friends for cheering me up. 

There’s probably much more to life than just studies, stress and work. Keep going~


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