Life is, after all, just a Show & Tell

Show & Tell.

I recalled how during my elementary school days, once a week, my class will always have an hour session for us, to bring our favorite toy or pet or just anything, to share with the class. I enjoyed listening to what my friends favorite toys were, I loved how fun loving some of their pet terrapins/hamsters are.

This is a little out of nowhere, but suddenly it occurred to me that the posting of pictures on instagram, fb and twitter is exactly like what we have been doing since young. We show others what we have, and tell them about us or the items. The steps and procedures are the same, just that we have it easier now, using just the snap of a camera and yes, a caption.

Yet, somehow, it doesn’t feel the same. The nature of our Show & Tell when we were younger compared to now, is not the same.

When we were younger, we were much more genuine, much kinder, highly imaginative and much more appreciative. We love listening to other’s stories, we are curious about how things work. Even though we may not have the latest/coolest gadgets, we know how to be appreciative of what we have. (or at least I do) We are not afraid of bringing a cheaper or perhaps not so attractive toys to show to others, because all we know is that, the toy means so much to us and what others think don’t really matter.

Right now, in this grown-up/growing up world of show and tell, it’s much more like a competition, a show & tell that is full of superficiality, and the audiences full of skeptic. You can’t be sure what you see is what it really is. It’s a place that breeds jealousy and dissatisfaction with life. Many a times, we show for the sack of showing, without any true content.

What is truly the purpose of such platform then, I wonder?







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