Count Your Blessings?

Tuesday Thoughts:

Just some random thoughts that came to me while I was on the way back home from school.

Count your blessings.

On social media, there have been many posts and articles talking about how people should be more appreciative of what they have and stop looking at what they do not have. Even on the television, especially when the TV Program is featuring developing country, there will always be comparisons made between the developed and the less developed. An e.g. would be one TV program talking about how the environment can be difficult for children in less developed countries to seek education. The host of such program will always end off by saying how ignorant we are to the things we are blessed with.

Somehow, I just felt really uncomfortable with how the host compares the developed and the less developed in such a practical manner without considering the context.

To me, counting your blessing should be a feeling of contentment and it is suppose to give off a sense of fulfillment. These days, counting your blessing is so loosely used to give off a sense of comfort (That I never really believed in ).

When someone tells me to count my blessing when I am having a bad day, its as though they are saying, your problem is nothing much or significant compared to people elsewhere.

I honestly do not see how it helps to undermine the difficult time one is facing and comparing it to someone from a completely different context. Maybe it works for some people, but definitely not for me…


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