2016, it’s a wrap!

Sunrise Picture taken in Oslo, Norway

Right here in Singapore, 2016 will come to an end in about 20 minutes.

Just as about everyone is out there celebrating the end of 2016 and welcoming the fresh start of 2017, here I am, typing my 2016 away. 🙂

As I enter my 20s, I feel that I learn a lot more every year. Getting into one of the best local university in 2015 provided me with the space and opportunity to learn more about myself and what I love.

Overall, 2016 haven’t been easy. (Okay, this sounds dumb, how can everything in a year be easy :/) I would have called it 2 full semester in NUS. Thankfully studying a psychology and social work haven’t really been so much of a chore since both are something I am interested in. 🙂 A lot of good things and bad things have happened. Some of the good things that have happened this year includes, being able to see my efforts in studies being paid off as my results improved, to be able to go to Norway for a family trip with my family, to be able to successfully do a double major and to be able to move to a more conducive environment and home very soon.

I am glad that there are also many new friends I have met this year, small events such as volunteering at nursing homes, hospice, really helps affirm me in what I wish to achieve in the medical field in future.My experiences with this healthcare services have shown me how some areas in the services are lacking and I will strive to make positive changes with my

Also through this year, I have also discovered more about the things that I should hold on to, and some things about myself or about others that I should let go of. I dislike labeling myself, however, I would like to consider myself an introvert. I do not go around socializing much because it drains a lot out of me. Therefore, I tend to stick to one or two really good friend. After 7 years or more of friendship with 2 of my great friends, after taking on differing life paths and experience, I start to see diverging paths between us. On one side this a good thing because it really shows that everyone is growing and developing their own personality and identity. However, to me, personally, it feels like we are splitting path. This is gonna sound really stupid but the delusional me actually thought that I am completely the same as my friends and that I can never ever find any other great people like them.

Having to see my friends starting to behave differently from how I would expect them to kind of scare me a little. It is only then I realized I am the only one still trapped in the past. So, this 2017, like what I have originally set out to achieve in 2016, I will continue to better manage my expectations and also work harder for myself.

With reference to my blog post on 2016 resolution, looking back at the post, I am glad and proud that I have managed to achieve about half of the list? hahah! With hope and Faith, I will continue to do my best in 2017 🙂


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