First week of Dec 2016

Holiday is here and this means that I will be spending more time blogging! Yay!!

So far I have done pretty much during this first week of hols!

1 Dec 2016

Thursday! I went out with 2 of my very best friends! Sk and mao. Funny how we initially decided to eat in a cafe we previously worked in but changed our mind as soon as we reached there cos we were intimidated by our boss. I swear we are a bunch of super undecided and fickle minded peeps. So we decided to head off to Somerset to have our hot steamboat!! 

It was a super good meal because we finally found proper time and space to catch up on each other’s life. We actually spent 3 hours just eating and talking and I’m amazed haha! Good friends and good food sure makes life great!

We head off to shop at Orchard! This is the very first time all of us got and bought clothes, since we are super thrifty most of the time πŸ™‚ feels good to be shopping together! Had lotsa fun taking photos at H&M and all the HTHT at Scape that I will never forget.

4 Dec 2016 (Sunday)

First time working at the Bounceoff Event at Bayfront. The event space is so huge and the games look so fun but there is no a single soul seen playing most of the time. The price for the games is too expensive imo. 1 free fall for $40! So many manpower, pretty lightings and resources have been allocated but just because of the price, little could afford to play and have fun. Hmm… working with sk and mao has been a great experience and its great bonding as of now.

5 Dec 2016

Day out with Charissa. Started off the day by meeting Charissa at my house! Damn LOL when she fell asleep on the floor!! Hahah. We head off to Marina Square after Charissa’s small nap! Had saizeriya! Nomz. 

Honestly it felt a little too quiet between the both of us, I guess we just didnt have enough common topic and interest to strike a conversation. This is how you know when you will make friends and when u will make your best friends. Having common interest is so impt. 

We went round shopping for a bit then head off back home! Im quite thankful that towards the end Charissa told me some of her personal issues because I assume that there is some kind of bonding and building of trust when we do that? πŸ™‚

7 Dec 2016

Went to work at Bounceoff again today. Not a very good day. 😦 I felt grouchy most of the time because pms. The bore is real. Imagine sitting down for hours doing nothing. Geez. Evem though I was with sk and mao during work, we could hardly talk either because we were under constant supervision, the place was too noisy to strike a convo &/or we have ran out of topics to talk about πŸ˜‚

Even though the day wasnt so eventful, I ended it with a great ride home with a nice driver, and to be back home with my sis and mum waiting for me even though its already 1am. I felt so loved ❀️ 

8 Dec 2016

Went out for picnic with wl, sk and mao. Was pretty excited for it at first. We picked a nice spot on the boardwalk from vivo to sentosa to have our picnic. It started off a litte awkward and things got more awkward later on. All 3 of them have been my friends for at least 7 years. Things were fine between me mao and sk but my friendship with wl seems to have drifted so much that there isnt really much I could do to salvage.

I ask myself what do I want in this friendship that I am building. And that if I even still want to have a friendship with this person I have known for 8 years. Though its had to come to terms with this but the inside of me says no. I dont see how the number of years of friendship should be positively related to the quality of friendship. 

Had a bit of conflict with mao after the trip but geez I am too lazy to elaborate! I shall do one big post next to summarise the issues that arise from this small outing and my thoughts on it πŸ™‚

Overall, first week of dec has been great! 


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