Arghhhh my mind has been in a mess these few days. I find it hard to sit down and concentrate. With my last final paper coming up tomorrow, I am really in deep shit if I continue being like this. All along, I have problems concentrating but I am not sure why things are so bad these days? Maybe because I have been using my mobile phone a lot and got overstimulated? Meh… I am not very sure.

In short, I am finding it difficult to live in the present. More than half of the time, I find my thoughts either drifting towards the past, or thinking about the future. Since my thoughts are scattered and dispersed all over the place, I thought it might be good for me to collate all of them here. I have no idea how my brain works, to be able to contain so many things at once. It is so cluttered inside, not just thoughts, but also emotions?

Okay where should I begin…. Hmmm…

Let me just start with whatever that has occupied my thoughts most of the time to least of the time.

The first one would probably be the thought of moving to a new home. In just a month’s time, if everything goes smoothly, I would be moving into the new house. Things will be great, I assume, because then, I will get to have my own room and my own toilet, and not forgetting to mention! I will get my own balcony too!!! Instead of focusing my energy on my last psychology paper tomorrow, I am instead thinking about how to decorate my new room? Ommggg, I am really hopeless. I thought that a baby pink room would be nice, with a lacy curtains and having a nice little lamp, small little cactus for decoration. Either on the side or the front of my bed, there should be a soft cork board for me to put up my plans of the days, and also some motivational quotes. Ah…. All so dreamy.

Next, a lot of my thoughts are also about my upcoming trip to Europe – Norway!! yessss, I am very excited and I can’t stop thinking about it. Like what to wear, what to buy, and if I should do some research about the country etc.

However, the thoughts about the trip and the new house don’t really bother me. Instead I caught myself thinking about how do I show it to my friends.

Maybe through blogs? Hmm.. but I value my own privacy here and I don’t want my friends to read about other aspects of my life.

How about through Facebook then? Oh goshh, I do not wish to attract the attention of wrong people.

How about through twitter? I don’t think anyone can see it.

Oh then why not try snapchat? Hmm… its quite inconvenient to constantly be on the line when overseas right…

Omg.. see how incoherent and crazy my thoughts are. Crazy about flaunting, what a self-obsessed and boastful person I am.

ok i have ranted enough. back to work.





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