Train journey

On the train on the way to school! Yawnssss πŸ˜ͺ
Whenever I travel, I tend to think a lot about all sorts of random things in life. And it suddenly occurred to me that, if I spend 3 hours travelling each day, I would be spending 3×20=60hrs per mth travelling. And in a year, I would have spent 60×12=720hrs travelling. Hahah its a lot of maths but hold on, I’m not done yet!
If I were to take 720/24, I would have spent a MONTH of my life travelling!!!
One whole month of time spent travelling. That’s quite something right? Whats more to say Singapore is a relatively small country with very efficient and effective (I suppose) transport system. I wonder how much time people in other countries spend travelling hmm πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
While this might sound like a trivial thought, I am wondering what are some ways we can make travelling in Singapore more enjoyable? Especially for people who spend a considerably large amount of time travelling
Also, when one think about travelling during the peak hour, its all about stress, annoyance and impatience. Maybe come up with more efficient method of travelling? Having different bunks in the MRT that provides resting area or dining area or gaming area?
While it may not be very profitable and my idea may be considered crap by many Singaporeans who just want to get to their destination fast, I strongly believe in happier people = advancement of country.


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