My 2016 Resolution

Academics :

  • CAP of at least 4.0 (B+)
  • Work well in Group work and contribute a lot
  • To be able to do double majors
  • To be able to spend my summer at Yonsei University!!! (연세대학교!!!)

Friendship :

  • To sustain my 7 years of friendship with my best Buds 🙂
  • To continue to look for someone whom I can connect with in NUS!
  • To let go of those who don’t matter 🙂

Family :

  • To spend more quality time with my family
  • Try out new things and explore new spaces
  • Everyone to be healthy and happy

Health :

  • Exercise every week after my timetable is being settled 😛
  • To sleep before 1.30 am everyday (I am a 100% night owl T..T)

Other areas:

  • To at least be proficient in Korean language (Thus I have to watch more videos and listen to more Korean songs!!)
  • To complete my Grade 8 piano practical with at least a merit :X
  • To be positive, learn a lot and bring a lot of joy to those in the hospice ❤

My resolution is pretty simple. I hope that the next time I am back to blog about stuff, I can see myself slowly but surely, moving towards my goals for this year.