How do I begin..

It has been long since I posted anything. /: Uni is start this tues and I am really not looking forward to it. JC life hasn’t been all smooth sailing and meeting new people is just plain boring. Everyone is all about the same. The little trivial things we talk about simply don’t amaze or interest me. I guess I will just have to learn and convince myself how to live alone  in Uni. Nobody other than my family seems to stay in my life. My secondary school friends have all found their new friends and are all doing well now. Well, I’m really glad for them but at the same time sour? I simply don’t get why am I the one that is dispensible and forgotten all the time. It’s as though my presence is of little or no significance to them. I guess its all part of growing up. People come and go. I am not all that depress by the fact, but I just don’t get how can anyone remove people that were once in their life so easily. Argh. I need to move on and have my dreams as my end in mind. Just gonna leave things as it is and fulfil my dreams first. 


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