Trip to Penang.

It has been quite some time since I last updated my wordpress. Therefore, I shall stay up tonight to make a short blog post about my trip to Penang, Msia. πŸ˜€ (3/4-6/4) Pretty pictures by me below (Day4), so stay tuned!

Penang is sort of my half hometown. My Mum is born in Penang and every year, my family would make an effort to take time off to visit my Mum’s side family. This year, too, we went back as it was ζΈ…ζ˜ŽθŠ‚ aka tomb sweeping day. It was supposed to be last week but my family couldnt really make it due to our busy schedule.
It was only up till the 2nd wk that my Mum, sis and I were able to make it. Hehe. I wasnt really excited or whatsoever since it is not my first time going to Penang. πŸ˜› but I’m def glad to be out of Singapore for a little while. Sometimes, I just need a break from this bustling little city.

Day 1
We set off to the airport at around 5 and reach Penang airport at around 9? The travel time from Singapore to Penang is only about an hour. So the flight and all was quite comfortable (except for all the scary lightings i saw outside the plane, it was so nearr!!! I really thought one of those lighting is gonna strike the plane and …) Yup, as soon as we arrived at the airport, my οΉ°θˆ…θˆ… came just in time to fetch us. Heheh. Very blessed as the traffic and roads there are just simply messy. We took almost an hour ride before we finally reach the Penang Pasar Malam. The first thing we did there was to eat the Penang Laksa!! πŸ˜€ My aunt sells Penang Laksa there and it tastes really good! Haha! It is a Nostalgic taste for my Mum. Soon after, we left and proceed back to our θˆ…θˆ… home to rest and stay over the next few days.

Day 2
We woke up only at 10+? As we had nothing planned for the day. We went off w my cousin and aumt as they drove us to the city area. For lunch we had the famous Penang Hokkien Mee and Char Kway Teow. Penang food really the B.E.S.T. πŸ™‚ Plus as the value my Msia currency continues to fall, the price of their food is like twice cheaper than those in SG (that doesnt taste as good 😦 ) Thus, Penang have really got the BEST and CHEAPEST food. /thumbsup!!/ We proceeded on to Gurney Mall and Paragon as my Mum and Sis went to have a haircut (which lasted 3hours+, dayymm) while my (another) aunt went off to work at her stall in Gurney. So this means that I have to spend my time w my cousin. It was a little awkward at first? This is the first ever time I am ever having a proper conversation with her. :O We literally talked about EVVERYYTHING under thevhot sun. She is very nice and polite to me. Somehow I bet shes feeling as awkward as me πŸ˜› Both of us are trying our very best to keep the conversation going, with me filling her in more about SG as she tells me more about MSIA. I can sense from her tone that she’s glad that MSIA is improving with better transport system however, more could still be done. Personally, i feel that Msia is a little like the 1980s Singapore where cleanliness and hygience is still a major problem. With actions by the govt, I believe that this area will attract more tourist and investments. Yupp, so soon after Mum amd sis had their hair done, my cousin and I went to the nearest pasar malam to get our dinz and then we went home! Yup, whenever my family visits msia, all our other relatives would all make an effort to come and visit us. So after we went home, hehe theres still small fam. gathering till 1 am

Day 3

Nothing much during day 3. Haha we woke up late. > off to the cemetery to pay respect to our grandparents > temple to pray > went off for lunchΒ‘ their hokkien mee really BEST! > Went back to my uncle’s house > off for family dinz!

Day 4

We (Me, Mum, Sis, cousin’s fam) woke up early this morning for our morning hike! I dont know what mountain is this but its quite a cool experience to “climb” a mountain right. ( since SG dont really have one ). The way up the mountain was harder than i thought??? I honestly thought my stamina was good until I went up halfway and realised I cannot make it already haha. Loser I know. Heheh.

imageAfter the seemingly endless climb up, going down seems so much easierr huhuhu. We went off for our lunch before going to the famous church in Penang! Its really grand! imageimage




imageYup, we left for high tea after visiting the nicenice church. Its a good place to take picture! Haha and also a perfect place to rest your weary soul. It’s so quiet there, and I really thought that It would be great for city dweller to come visit this chruch if you ever need a short break or when you are confused with life etc. Heheh. High tea was great.

We went off in search of the famous Penang wall painting! Yay! Haha. Gee the painting are really nice.

imageHowever, having said that, the paintings are all over the place. Under the hot sun, I dont think anyone in the right mind would want to go round searching for the painting unless they are really free. Furthermore, there’s no traffic light there. Its kind of dangerous as some painting are just located beside the main road. And honestly speaking, I got quite annoyed with all the messy traffic and the intense heat just make things worst. I kept my cool cos its my last day at Msia hehe.

We had our last meal at Penang at the 姓周ζ‘₯! This is also a place where my MUm once lived in. Its super beautiful i swearrrr. Haha. And then, my sis and I decide to bomb some random family home to take a bath there haha.! Really fum! The water go straight down into the water! Wooo, a totally different experience from bathing in SG! sometimes i really wonder if i would be happier if I’m born a village girl. Hmmm. Anyw some picts to sum up my trip there!




We proceeded on to the Penang vers of “Fort canning” before we left for the airport! A really nice place. The entrance fee was like RM10. I dont think its worth the money though. πŸ˜› The place was quite rundown with little interesting way of presenting the history of msia world war. Quite disappointing. Nonetheless, I managed to capture some nice pictures to make up for the cost of entrance fee. (yeayeayea :P)




I had a great time there! And Penang; I will be back!!! πŸ˜€


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