This 2015

Better late than never. Shall do up a short post on my 2015 resolution right here.

Goshh, the FIRST thing i have to do right now is to let go of all the shit that’s pulling me down. It’s only Feb and it seems like the people I’ve met are rather …? I don’t know how to describe this. They are rather nice people but we are just not on the same frequency. This makes conversation very meaningless and tiring. During my pms it makes pms even worst. To put this in another words it would be to make friends more selectively.

Secondly, I really have to be more genuine and sincere. There are many times whereby there are a lot of things i want to say but I’m afraid of how people are gonna think of me? Therefore sometimes i tend to only say things that people wanna hear. It feels really bad after that. To my friends and myself. Ugh I really have got so much to do.

Lastly, I hope to become a more confident but a humble person. Ever since JC started, I have never ever felt the same way about myself? It alway feels as though I’m never ever good enough? Deep down I know that I have some good qualities that I ought to be proud of but all my securities alway seems to outweigh everything. I have once seen this quote somewhere but dont quite really remember where. The quote goes like this ‘ To be confident is not to be sure and glad that your answers are always right, but to be sure to accept and move on even if your answer is wrong.’ haha i changed the quote a lot. Blame it on my poor memory. I really hope that I can be more confident and not put it off as being cocky? It’s really hard to be confident amd humble at the same time. I dont know why but, ya. Maybe its just me. Teehee. Ughh its getting late.

Goodnight world.