Let the holiday begins

Exams just ended and yay this is the start of my holiday! Start of a 4 months holiday before nightmare begins. I am really still very worried bout my results though.  Was secretly hoping that i don’t ever receive my result slip. Ok but whatever for now. Shall cast all these neg thoughts aside and really spend my hols well. Some things that i must really get done:
-My braces yay finally
-To learn hangul
-To practice my piano and guitar
-To get a job
-To commit to at least one  community service a week
-To meet up with old friends
-To visit another country (hopefully)
-To quit facebook and twitter
-To workout! Yes i must i can i definitely have to.
Really have plenty of time now and i honestly dont know what to begin with. It has been 3 days since hols begin but I’m still stuck in the after exams mood. Those fear, blank face, walk around the house not knowing what to do, dreamt of revising for alevels… All sorts of weird stuff.

Really wna get started off with CIP first. Feeling rather dull and moody these days. BooooooooOoooOoooo.

Honestly can’t help but wonder where will i be in 2 years time. Everything right in front just seems so dull for now.


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