A void in my heart

Somehow, i just feel like there’s a void in my heart. An empty space left there. I guess it’s left there for about 2 years by now and it’s still bothering me. I wonder if it’s just me or do these people who left those void in my heart feel the same. Hmmm…

It has been 2 years since secondary school graduation. It was during those times where i forge the best relationships and create the best memories. Those people who brought a smile to my face were gone. All of a sudden. Not all but most. Somehow, i thought that this empty space would be filled up once again after going to JC. But apparently, it didn’t. This empty space just keeps on expanding…

Maybe i am becoming more and more greedy and less satisfied with life that’s why. In order to fill up the void, i guess i would really have to create stronger ties and relationship.. But somehow, once again, i don’t feel like it’s going to fill up the void entirely.

This has really made me feel grumpy, greedy and really distracted these days. Really have to redefine my life after A levels. Hopefully everything goes well for the remaining papers and off i go in search of a better and happier me. :l


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