Well, econs paper just ended. Feeling really sleepy right now. I am so tired of constantly chasing after time. It’s so tiring. The paper was hard and time was tight. I was panicking almost throughout the paper. Well, i know this is not my best. Really not my best. Have to and i M.U.S.T do better for the second paper to really save my own ass. Nobody wants to be left behind. No one. Everyone suddenly seems so intimidating right after my econs paper. All it takes is one paper to make me loss my confidence. My confidence level really…

How hard it is to try to believe in yourself
and the next moment your faith your beliefs all the well wishes everything just comes tumbling down on you again

How hard it is to try
again ,but
it just didnt work,
only to make you feel weaker
and helpless all over.


…I’ve got so tired i stopped finding out the truth. Hopefully Alevels end soon. My brain my body cannot take this anymore. Sleep. 


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