Day 1

I know it’s super childish of me to be ranting like a little kid right now, but i just need a place where i can just vent.

Just ended my GP paper. Paper 1 was ok, i assume. I think Paper 2 will really be the deciding factor as to whether i will be doing my A’s again. Its sooo hardsdddjdjsnfjdjejsjfjfjd. Whyyyyy. I really don’t want to disappoint anyone, especially myself. Since J2, i have never been good at GP.

It’s something i can never manage. Even up till today. I am sure I’m gna fail this paper. I am very sure.

Can i not repeat..??

This is so distressing to actually start off my A’s with GP. So restless and whinny rn.

Moderation is not going to help. I am very sure of that.

It’s really not about paper chasing but because i really hope to achieve what i want to be. Psychology course requires at least a decent grade for GP. If i can’t even get into what i want, how do i even start. Maybe psychology is not for me? Yes?
I don’t want to think that way. I want it really badly.

I guess i just have to wait for the results to be released. In any case, if i really were to fail (likely) i hope i come back to this post, don’t cry and move on. Console yourself by telling yourself that: It’s not about how fast you get there, it’s not about how the others are gonna judge you for failing your gp and retaking it, it’s about how you are slowlyslowly moving towards your dreams.


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