Human disaster

Very often than not, Mankind are aware of the different types of hazards they are exposed to in the place they work, live and play in. However, there has been an increasing trend of lives loss due to the neglect of safety measures by Mankind. When safety measures are compromised, coupled with erratic climatic conditions and many other factors, the impact of any disaster is sure to multiply itself. I strongly believe that with more attention and resources given to abide by the safety measures, lives loss would have been greatly reduced.

From the recent tragedy of the Sewol and Bangladesh ferry sinking, it can be seen how the need to maximise profit has actually override the need to ensure the safety of users. In the case of Sewol ferry sinking, the lax regulatory and maintenance of the ferry is known to be one of the cause. In addition to the Captain’s and some of its crew members incompetency in the evacuation measures, it has led to 294 lives loss with another 10 people missing.

Similarly, in the case of Bangladesh ferry sinking with 200 on board, overcrowding, poor ship design and maintenance are often often to blame for this tragedy. Though the main reason is due to the rough conditions of the weather, perhaps, if more attention were paid to implement more safety measures, more lives could have been saved.

In the case of natural disaster such as Earthquake, if housings were made of more durable material and contractors were to abide by the building codes, not only would it be safer for the residents, the eventual response measures would have been easier to carried out.

With more and more tragedies to come, (Hopefully) one day, Mankind will come to realise the importance of the safety codes and the dangers they are building in for themselve.


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