Well, i just had my Geo test. The paper was manageable, do-able, passable… But I didn’t manage my time well. So ohwell, there goes my pass. Not really hopeful but will do my best for the next paper. Weee.

Okay let me write about something else for now. I am forever curious about others’ live so whenever I’m free, i will just go ahead and read their blog post etcetc. It kinda hurts to see how behind those smiles you see everyday are actually underlain with tears and pain. I don’t know.

Life is like a game to me. It’s not easy for anyone. It’s not. However, some people just happen to be in a game of higher level of difficulty. Whenever i read their blog post, it makes my stress from schoolwork etcetc seems insignificant? I don’t know. I feel for them more than i feel for myself. Gosh i am so weird. Zzzz. I feel like giving them a pat on their shoulder or try to talk to them? Even though i have yet to settle my own problems. I just hope for everyone to be happy and free. I mean, its tiring to put on a mask to hid your pain isn’t it. Be honest. Be brave. In my opinion, being brave isn’t being fearless about how others judge you? But how you face your true self at the end of the day. (Wah deeep. HAHAHA. I feel like I’m talking to myself right now. Huhu)

In any case, whatever it takes, i really have to make my way towards my dream so that i can help more people achieve theirs. Super ambitious i know, but its super achievable to. In the meantime, i will have to pass my Geo Prelims first ….


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