Just another day


I’m back again! 😀 Back each time with a longer post. I have so many things to share!

1) Second week of School

Well, generally the first week of school isn’t as bad as i thought it would be. /: Maybe its because I’m really getting used to all these shit around me. Ohwell. I started off my week with personal protection course. It really teaches you how to protect yourself and all. The skills are super cool and interesting. Teehee, but by the time I’m typing this, I would have already forgotten most of them /:
Can’t help it. School schedule officially resumes on Weds. One thing that didn’t changed is that I’m still and always rushing my tutorials just before the tutorial itself. And I’m getting better at it. Teehee. As usual, boring schooldays. Many reasons. Let’s just skip to the main topic of the day. YAYY.

2) Do Good, Feel Good

It’s a super comfy saturday. I believe that most people will take this time off to relax, catch up with school work, chill with friends and family, or perhaps, just have some MEEEtime with yourself. Today started off as a typical Saturday for me, except for the fact that i volunteered for some Community service project -Do good feel good 2014. This project lasted for 7 hours. The main task is to pack and distribute some food and neccessities to the elderly. I didn’t really thought much of it at first and i wasn’t really expecting much. The first few parts of the event were rather boring. It includes folding paper cranes and packing of food. Folding origami really isn’t my kind of thing you see. I was like UGHHHHH, dayumm. But I’m quite a flexible and ‘adaptable’ person, so i was like okk. It was only until the later part when the person-in-charge explain to us the rationale behind folding these paper crane that i started folding it ‘properly’.

In Asia, the crane has long been a symbol of happiness, good fortune and longevity. Legend has it that cranes have a fabled life span of a thousand years.

Though its only a legend, but this is enough reason for me to really put in my heart and soul in folding the cranes. Soon after packing and all, we were all allocated to the different locations to give out the gifts to the needy families. Yay. Okay let’s get to the main topic.

So, before we get into action,  the person-in-charge brief us again, he told us beforehand that the inside of the building might be a little dark. Immediately i was like, you must be kidding me. And i didnt really take his words for real. Until i went in. It’s really dark. And quiet. The silence is just deafening.



It looks somewhat like this. Haha. Didn’t manage to take any pict. This is just an illustration ok. I dont own this pict. And yes the silence is just so peaceful and all. It’s mostly elderly living in this building and it’s really hard and upsetting to imagine how they manage to life through the rest of their lives when they are all alone with limited savings. It’s really hard and heart wrenching. I’m getting all emotional because this is my first time there. Living in a fast paced and materialistic world of mine, i have never seen this side of Singapore. While i do understand that there are definitely poorer people in every country, it’s really difficult to believe when you see it yourself. The elderly there are not exactly poor but some of them are really/obviously in need of more help and assistance. I can vivdly recall how an old malay lady kept on bugging the teacher in charge for the gifts and all even though she’s not one of the beneficiaries. I just feel really uncomfortable there. Most of the elderly there really do deserve more. How i wish i could have done more than just distributing food for them. Haiz..

Throughout the whole process of distributing the food, it really made me rethink about my life my dreams my family my everything. Guess I’m pretty emotional and all.
In short,  i’m really thankful for all the blessing around me. Also, it made me rethink about my career choice – to be a psychologist and counsellor. I need more time to really think about what i want. I am afraid of this and that i cant make up my mind i am really afraid of not being able to cope with all these emotional stress and all.

It has been hours and i still cant figure out my thoughts. I guess i really do need more time.

Goodnight world.


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